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August Update

August 4, 2011 5 comments

1. Suzy’s Zoo: Sadly, nobody has uploaded any raws since episode 10. Luckily though, DVD Volume 1 will be out by the end of this month (tack on a week for shipping). Volume 1 contains episodes 1-13. I’ll probably re-do episodes 1-10 to fix some translation mistakes and improve audio/video (like no scrolling text at the top of the screen). Volume 2 has also been listed on, and will be out in the beginning of December.

2. Starry Sky: The remaining episodes have been encoded (Update: a transport for episode 26 has popped up on PD, so I’ll encode from that), so all I really have to do is time-shift and resize SMS’ scripts. I’ll work on that in the next few of weeks, and probably release in batches of 2 or 4 episodes.

3. Touch: I lied, I haven’t really worked on it much this summer. I’ve just been too busy. Guess I gotta wait and see if fall treats me better…

Sorry for the delays ^^;

There will be some releases the week of August 21st.

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May 11, 2011 2 comments

Just thought I should give everyone a sort of update on all of our shows:

1. Suzy’s Zoo – Everything is up-to-date with this show, so there isn’t much to report here, except that DVD Volume 1 has been posted on  We probably won’t do the DVDs (unless they have any bonus material), since the DVDs are only SD, but there’s something interesting to note here.  The page says that Volume 1 will include Episodes 1-13 (which guarantees us that there will be at least 13 episodes), but I’ve been wondering… Why number it “Volume 1” if there are no other volumes planned?  This leads me to believe that there will be at least one more volume, which will probably correspond to Episodes 14-26.  So, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least 26 episodes total. 🙂

2. Starry Sky – As I stated in the previous post, there are no HD raws for Episode 7+.  I did come across a pack of raws for 1-12, totalling ~4GB (so around 315MB/ep), but that has been stalled at like 90% for a few days now.  If it includes HD raws, then I’ll work on 7-13 ASAP.  If not, we’ll play the waiting game a bit longer.  I probably won’t be doing DVDs simply because I have not seen any DVDISOs posted anywhere yet.

3. Touch – I haven’t been able to work on this much recently (blame final exams).  I’ve still been collecting raws for it (each raw episode is around 1GB, so raws for the entire show will take up at least 100GB lol), but I hope to start hammering out some episodes this summer.

4. Project #4 – Nothing to see here yet~


Comments and feedback will always be welcome 🙂


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Touch – 001

March 6, 2011 5 comments

Our first project is the currently-ongoing HDTV re-airing of the classic anime Touch.
I’m not 100% sure if this a Q-Tec upscale, but it looks pretty good still.
We will be doing both 960×720 (HD) and 640×480 (SD) releases.

Technical Information:
Video: 960×720 / 640×480  H264  CRF 18  23.976fps
Audio: ~252kbps (720p) / 128kbps (480p)  AAC 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles: Central Anime (Slightly Modified)

Set 1 = DVD vs HDTV (720p scale)
Set 2 = DVD vs HDTV (480p scale)
Set 1 = DVD vs HDTV (720p scale)
Set 2 = DVD vs HDTV (480p scale)

720p:  Torrent
480p:  Torrent

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