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Ai Mai Mi ED Single & Shiba Inuko-san OP1 Single

May 1, 2013 2 comments

Found these on PD a few days ago, so I romanized the file names (not the tags), reorganized the files, encoded some MP3s, and packaged them up for easy downloading.
I don’t know too much about the “best” MP3 encoding settings, so apologies if I did something wrong.

Edit: Just did a quick search for Shiba Inuko-san OP2, and it turns out it was actually included on the Chitose Get You!! ED Singles disc. I haven’t really tried looking for it yet. If I come across it, I’ll probably release it.

Technical Information:
Audio: FLAC / MP3 @ ~320kbps (VBR)

Ai Mai Mi: FLACMP3
Shiba Inuko-san: FLACMP3

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