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Cyclops Shoujo Saipu – 06

Halfway there!

Heisei Policemen also streamed earlier today. However, the video quality is really bad, and I’m tempted to downscale and filter it, but I want to see if it’ll be this bad for Ep2 as well, so don’t expect it until later next week. If there aren’t any quality subs out by then, we’ll probably do it once one of my translators is done with Tenpou Neo.

Also, I’ll be wrapping up Kaitou Reinya this week, so I’ll probably release all of my batches next week if the AMM ED translation is done. If it’s not, that batch will come later.

Recruiting translators! Contact me via e-mail or IRC if you’re interested in helping out!

Technical Information:
Video: 1280×720 / 848×480 H264
Audio: AAC 2.0
Subs: Migoto

720p480pDirect Download

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  1. anonymous
    April 12, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Thank you so much!

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